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(this is a bit of a random journal of my two days in Belfast) When I was a child I was mesmerized by the thought of Belfast.  I remember hearing stories about The Troubles and the “damn British” who crushed the hopes and dreams of Irish independence in Northern Ireland.  Mind you, I have nothing […]
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Kickin’ Around Cork

I have spent the last three days in Cork City, Co. Cork.  This is where my family traces their roots on my dad’s side.  My sister Sharon found out through Ancestry.com that my great grandfather–who I had never even heard his name, was Daniel Twomey.  He married Margaret Callahan, and they were the Twomey’s that […]
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Asking for help

Last week while my daughter Krissie and I were traveling around Ireland we were trying (and failing) to find our B&B just outside of Killarney in Co. Kerry.  Our GPS failed us.  Not one GPS.  Not two GPS’s. Three.  None of them could find our B&B.  Maybe it’s because it was located on a street […]
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