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Leadership Training And Public Speaking

Leadership matters.  It has been said many times that as leadership goes, so goes the organization.  Why is great leadership so important?  Leaders serve to ignite the gifts and passions of others around a shared vision that translates into a team of people who turn dreams and vision into positive, concrete results.

Whether you lead a local church, a para-church organization, a non-profit, or a business, sharpening your leadership skills, including your ability to publicly communicate the vision, is mission critical both for the people you lead and the mission you desire to accomplish.

Becoming a better leader–someone that others WANT to follow–is not magic or dumb luck.  It is taking incremental steps to develop certain skills and intuitions that raise the bar for everyone that results in organizational growth and provides a direct benefit to your target group.

Organizational Growth

Growing an organization can be difficult, but keeping it growing in a healthy, sustainable way is very difficult.  The gravitational pull toward the predictable and the safe is almost irresistible.  But playing it safe and organizational growth are almost always at odds with each other.

Jim Collins, in his bestselling book, “Good to Great,” writes about the importance of creating a culture of organizational innovation and growth to avoid plateauing and decline that requires old-fashioned guts and proper planning.

Key Man

Founders of businesses, churches and non-profits are by definition innovators and entrepreneurs.  But they are interim leaders.  We are ALL interim leaders.  And the sooner we face that fact the sooner we can begin thinking and planning for the future.

Who will take over when our run is over?  How will you know when it’s time?  To whom will we hand the mantle of leadership? How can we begin planning now so that the church, non-profit or company we founded will be in better hands when we leave?

Churches In Transition

Every church and organization has a life-cycle.  In a recent visit to Holland, MI I was driving down the road and noticed that two churches from the 1980’s within 2 miles of each are both gone.   In my hometown of Rochester Hills, MI nearly every downtown business from my childhood — with only a few exceptions — is gone.  As Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die…”

Recognizing that times of transition are both inevitable and opportunities for growth (or stagnation) is enormously important.  Transitioning from one life, ministry, or business phase to another can be very rewarding–depending on your ability to navigate through it with wisdom, humility and skill.


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